Creating a List of Climate Change Plays

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This image shows how 2010 temperatures compare to average temperatures from a baseline period of 1951-1980, as analyzed by scientists at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies. Credit: NASA GISS

Last Updated: April 7, 2019

Where are the climate change plays and who are the playwrights writing them? We are looking to create a comprehensive go-to list so anyone searching for material related to this issue can have this resource available. Below is what we have found so far. What else is out there?

Note: This list should by no means be considered an endorsement of the individual plays. It is simply a compilation. Also, in some cases, climate change is featured prominently while in others, it is only a backdrop for the story.

3rd Ring Out – Zoe Svendsen (UK) / immersive theatre
A Cool Dip in the Bare Saharan Crick – Kia Corthron (USA)
AD2050 – Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti (UK)
Arctic Oil – Clare Duffy (UK)
Arctic Requiem – Sharmon J. Hilfinger with music by Joan McMillen (USA)
As The Globe Warms – Heather Woodbury (USA)
As The World Tipped – Wired Aerial Theatre and Without Walls (UK) / aerial theatre
Baby – Doppelgangster (UK/Australia)
Baked Alaska – Riding Lights (UK)
Between Two Waves – Ian Meadows (Australia)
Buzz – Benjamin Kunkel (USA)
By The Water – Sharyn Rothstein (USA)
Carla and Lewis – Shonni Enelow (USA)
Clandestino – Mia Törnqvist (Sweden)
Colter’s Hell – Ross Peter Nelson (USA)
Cut The Sky – Marrukegu Theatre (Australia)/interdisciplinary
Disinformation Booth – Doppelgangster (UK/Australia)
Doppelgangster’s Titanic – Doppelgangster (UK/Australia)
Dry Time – Harry Newman (USA)
Dust and Water – Camille Hanson (Spain) / dance theater and audiovisual performance
Earthquakes in London –Mike Bartlett (UK)
Escaped Alone – Caryl Churchill (UK)
Estamos indo embora – Luiz Felipe Reis (Brazil)
Evangeline Drowning – Kurt Heinlein (USA)
Extreme Whether – Karen Malpede (USA)
Far Away – Caryl Churchill (UK)
Fire In The Garden – Ken Weitzman (USA)
Flooded – Julie Marie Myatt (USA)
Forward – Chantal Bilodeau (Canada/USA)
Galilee – Christine Evans (Australia/USA)
Global Ballgame – Margot Wood (South Africa) / family play
Global WarmingCharles Mee (USA)
Greenland – Nicolas Billon (Canada)
Greenland – Moira Buffini, Matt Charman, Penelope Skinner and Jack Thorne (UK)
Hearts of Palm – Patricia Milton (USA)
Hot Air – Mark Beeson and MED Theatre (UK) / immersive theatre
How to Build a Forest – Lisa D’Amour & Katie Pearl (USA) / part visual installation and part theatre performance
Human Animals – Stef Smith (UK)
Hurricane Diane – Madeleine George (USA)
I Dreamed the Last Diamond Darter – Lisa Schlesinger (USA)
If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet – Nick Payne (UK)
In the Wake of the Graybow Riots – Lisa Schlesinger (USA)
It Just Stopped – Stephen Sewell (Australia)
Jeune Terre – Gab Reisman (USA)
Kayak – Jordan Hall (Canada)
Kill Climate Deniers – David Finnigan (Australia)
Kitimat – Elaine Avila (Canada/USA)
LUNCH x 5 – Jack Gilhooley (USA)
Lungs – Duncan MacMillan (UK)
Miss Witherspoon – Christopher Durang (USA)
Moj of the Antarctic: An African Odyssey – Mojisola Adebayo and the Antarctic Collective (UK) / performance
Mr. Burns – Anne Washburn (USA)
New Atlantis – LAStheatre (UK) / immersive theatre
Oil – Ella Hickson (UK)
Oxygen Support – Doppelgangster (UK/Australia)
P.O. Box Unabomber – Zdrava Kamenova and Georgina Dimitrova (Bulgaria)
Planet Belfast – Rosemary Jenkinson (Ireland)
Prisoners of Hope –  Allen Fitz-Gerald (USA)
Rapid Departure – Euan Martin, Dave Smith (Scotland) / immersive theatre
Reclamation – Ken Weitzman (USA)
Red Forest – Belarus Free Theatre (UK)
Sila – Chantal Bilodeau (Canada/USA)
Song of Extinction – E.M. Lewis (USA)
Storm – Theater Grottesco (USA)
Strawberry – Paula Cizmar (USA)
Take Me to the River – Constance Congdon (USA)
Thaw – Aaluk Edwardson (USA)
The Bird House – Diane Glancy (USA)
The Bones of Danny Winston and Rib Ann Magee – Lisa Schlesinger (USA)
The Breach – Catherine Filloux, Tarell McCraney & Joe Sutton (USA)
The Children – Lucy Kirkwood (UK)
The Chisera (Aka Lost Borders) – Paula Cizmar (USA)
The Climate Monologues – Sharon Abreu (USA)
The Contingency Plan – Steve Waters (UK)
The Day We Were Born – Jaisey Bates (USA)
The Edge – Transport Theatre Company (UK)
The Elephant Piece – Darryl Curry (USA)
The Ice Breaker – David Rambo (USA)
The Go Back Land – Lisa Schlesinger (USA)
The Heretic – Richard Bean (UK)
The Moons of Jupiter – Jessica Litwak (USA)
The Ocean at Your Door – Brian Otaño (USA)
The Planet Plays – Superhero Clubhouse (USA)
The Turquoise Elephant – Stephen Carleton (Australia)
The Way of Water – Caridad Svich (USA)
The Weather – Clare Pollard (UK)
The Weather Project – NACL Theatre (USA) / performance
They Saw A Thylacine – Human Animal Exchange (Australia)
This Clement World – Cynthia Hopkins (USA) / performance
Tinderbox – Lucy Kirkwood (UK)
Tomorrow Comes Today – Gordon Dahlquist (USA)
Tonight’s Fire – Alison Carey (USA)
Treefall – Henry Murray (USA)
Tsunami – Nilo Cruz and Michiko Kitayama Skinner (USA)
Two Degrees – Tira Palmquist (USA)
Ugly – Emma Adams (UK)
Unequilibrium – Blake Bishton (USA)
Wal-Martyrs – Lisa Schlesinger (USA)
Water – created by Filter Theatre & David Farr (UK)
Water Rites – Paula Cizmar (USA)
Whale Nation – Heathcote Williams (UK)
When January Feels Like Summer –Cori Thomas (USA)
When Something Wonderful Ends – Sherry Kramer (USA)
When the Rain Stops Falling – Andrew Bovell (Australia)
World Climate Change Conference – Rimini Protokoll (Germany) / immersive theatre


Flying Ace and the Storm of the Century – Jeremy Pickard, music by Jonathan Camuzeaux (USA)
Green Dating – Chantal Bilodeau (Canada/USA)
Libations – Paula Cizmar (USA)
Small Waisted – Janice Poon (Hong Kong)
The Propitious Moment – James Balestrieri (USA)
The Word for Snow – Don DeLillo (USA)
Whale Song – Chantal Bilodeau (USA)


And While London Burns – music by Isa Suarez, libretto by John Jordan & James Marriott (UK) / opera
Anthropocene – Stuart MacRae and Louise Welsh (Scotland) / opera
CO2 – music by Giorgio Battistelli, libretto by Ian Burton and Robert Carsen (Italy) / opera
Coal: The Musical
 – Nancy Vitale, Molly Sturges, Luis Guerra (USA)
Field Trip: A Climate Cabaret – Superhero Clubhouse (USA) / one-act
Firerock: The Musical – Georgina Escobar, Nancy Vitale, Acushla Bastible and Molly Sturgess
Hadestown – Anaïs Mitchell
Project Ahab – Gary Graves (USA)
Soon – Nick Blaemire, Matthew Gardiner (USA)
Sun & Sea (Marina) – Rugilė Barzdžiukaitė, Vaiva Grainytė and Lina Lapelytė (Lithuania)
The Great ImmensityThe Civilians (USA)
The Nature of Man – Mark A. Durstewitz, Christine Hull & Mario Renes (USA)
We Turned On the Light – Caryl Churchill (UK) /choral work


30˚S. – Phantom Limb (USA)
Baby Universe – Wakka Wakka Productions (USA)
Dean Gibbons and the Knowledge of Death – Inconvenient Spoof (UK)
Dust – Sew Flunk Fury Wit (Denmark)
Falling Out – Phantom Limb (USA)
Memory Rings – Phantom Limb (USA)
Heatwave – Nutmeg Puppet Company (UK)

Solo Shows

2071 – Duncan MacMillan (UK)
Does This Apocalypse Make Me Look Fat? – Peterson Toscano (US)
Dr. Keeling’s Curve – George Shea (US)
Planet Hospice – Dan Kinch (USA)
Prelude to the Apocalypse (For What It’s Worth) – Blake Sugarman (US)
Sea Sick – Alanna Mitchell (Canada)
Ten Billion – Stephen Emmett (UK)
The Boycott – Kathryn Blume (USA)

Theatre For Young Audience

Arvaarluk: An Inuit Tale – Michael Kusugak (Canada)
Endangered! The Eco-Musical – book & lyrics by Keni Fine, music & orchestrations by Tony Small (USA) / musical
Evo-Cete: The Big Blue Journey – Jeremy Smith (USA) / theater and dance piece
Gabi Goes Green! – book & lyrics by Barry Wyner, music by Daniel Israel (USA) / musical
Island – Nicky Singer (UK)
Our Iceberg Is Melting – Bengalore Little Theatre (India) / musical
Plastic Drastic – Elena Araoz (USA)
Promise on Earth – Konflux Theatre in Education (UK)
Saving Persephone – Kathryn Blume (USA)
Sophie and the Adventures of Ice Island – Forrest Musselman (USA)
The Big Dry – ATYP and Ensemble Theatre (Australia)
The Last Polar Bears – adaptation by Joe Douglas (Scotland)
The Man from the Council – MOMO Theatre (UK)
Vit sand, vit snö (White Sand, White Snow) – Edward Buffalo Bromberg (USA/Sweden)
Wyoming Ice Age: Survival of the Mammoth – Jaime Cruz (USA)


Chantal Bilodeau is a playwright and translator whose work focuses on the intersection of science, policy, art, and climate change. She is the Artistic Director of The Arctic Cycle – an organization created to support the writing, development and production of eight plays that look at the social and environmental changes taking place in the eight countries of the Arctic – and the founder of the blog and international network Artists & Climate Change. She is a co-organizer of Climate Change Theatre Action, a worldwide series of readings and performances of short climate change plays presented in support of the United Nations COP meetings.

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  1. “Hearts of Palm” by Patricia Milton (play)

    “Project Ahab” by Gary Graves is a musical about climate change

    Both on the New Play Exchange

    Thank you for this resource!

  2. “The Dead Devils of Cockle Creek” by Kathryn Marquet, published by Playlab Theatre (Australia)
    “Rising” by multiple artists, Playlab Theatre (Australia)

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