The Scarcity Project

To celebrate this year’s Vernal Equinox, the first day of spring when the earth’s 24 hours are split evenly between light and dark, we’d like to share a wonderful find from Brazilian-Italian-currently-based-in-London Paulo Goldstein, a self-described “designer/maker/artist” according to his website. Incredibly talented and original, we would like to add. So, brew yourself your favorite fair-trade beverage, sit back and let this six-minute video brighten your first day of spring.  It really is a “joyful celebration of repaired objects, promoting a different narrative to scarcity by exploring and expanding the potential left behind by the anomalies of our consumer culture.” Our favorite quote from the video:  “Scarcity is a springboard to creativity.” We are sure that you’ll never look at discarded rubbish in the same way again! Thanks to Grist’s Holly Richmond for the lead.  ______________________________ Joan Sullivan is a renewable energy photographer based in Québec, Canada. Since 2009, Joan has focused her cameras (and more recently her drones) exclusively on solutions to

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