Sustainable Staging Techniques

Institution: York University

Instructor: Ian Garrett

Description: This class will prepare students to tackle issues of sustainability in theatrical and related artistic practice. Students will build their literacy in contemporary sustainable thinking, environmental/climate issues, emerging models of creation, pedagogy, and community stakeholder engagement through a combination of research, modeling and fieldwork as strategic change agents in professional settings. Theatre artists have the goal of creating good art; all people should have the goal to do things sustainably and take every opportunity to remake the way we make for a sustainable future. The goal is to create new, more sustainable methodologies in theatre by looking at the history of theatrical practice through the lens of new techniques being embraced across design, construction and other fields. This course takes a systems-thinking, solutions-oriented approach to cross-disciplinary innovation with application and resonance in theatrical and artistic production.

Level: Both undergraduate and graduate

Timing: Taught annually since 2012/2013 academic year. Varies fall or winter term. Not being taught in 2020/2021, but will be offered in alternating years starting in 2021/2022.

Country: Canada

Syllabus: Sustainable Staging Techniques