Sustainable Design

Institution: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Department: Fine & Applied Arts

Description: The Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Design is a four-year undergraduate program which offers an innovative, interdisciplinary course of study in design, with a focus on creating sustainable communities. Sustainable design calls on a student’s creativity to conceptualize, visualize, analyze, communicate, and build products, buildings, cities, landscapes, and communities that use energy and materials in a more environmentally and socially sustainable manner. Students will learn how design can contribute to solving problems of sustainability in a constantly evolving society and building equitable, healthy, and thriving places. The program is on the STEM designated degree list (30.3301, Sustainability Studies) and combines concrete skills development with opportunities to move between disciplinary barriers and traverse traditional boundaries. Sustainable Design at Illinois prepares students for the future in a sustainable world where ideas from many disciplines will be necessary to solve complex problems.

Degrees Granted: BS

Level: Undergraduate

Country: United States

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