Scriptwriting Workshop: Eco-Theatre

 Iowa State University

Instructor: Charissa Menefee

Description: The theatre has always been a reflection of and catalyst for cultural change, but at this critical moment in environmental history, the immediacy of live performance is more important than ever. How do we write for this moment? How do we convey issues of climate change, environmental protection, human and non-human interaction, social justice, and collective responsibility? How do we communicate science, evidence, and urgency through an art that demands that we’re all in the same space together? Playwrights, writing for an art form that happens in real time, are uniquely positioned to respond to current events and crises, tell urgent stories, and stimulate conversations in our communities. Eco-theatre, which focuses on environmental and social justice, brings together writers, theatremakers, scientists, activists, and audiences for original plays and theatre actions that focus on what matters now, such as climate change, human rights, equality, environmental protections, gun control, and more.

Level: Graduate

Timing: Two to three year cycle.

Country: United States