Protest Art

Institution: New York University Abu Dhabi

Instructor: Najwa Belkziz

Description: We live in a time of intense political, economic, social, and environmental tensions. Today, we count over 230 protests in more than 110 countries by political and ethnic minorities, climate activists, youth movements, and other groups. What role can the Arts play in the formation and remembrance of these social movements? How do cultural and aesthetic representations of the past in film, music, and street art shape our political and social relations? What is the role of social media in disseminating such representations? This seminar looks at how societies use various artistic forms to protest injustice and resist forgetting. We will combine foundational texts on subversive art, memory, and social movements with novels, cartoons, songs, graffiti, and other cultural productions to practice and develop your reading and writing skills. The goal is to think about the relationship between art and social justice and examine how creative work can effect change.

Level: Undergraduate

Timing: Every semester

Country: United States & United Arab Emirates