Perspectives on Climate Change: Ecopsychology, Art and Narratives

Institution: Uppsala University

Instructor: Malin Östman

Description: The course deals with various theoretical and practical perspectives on climate change in relation to ecopsychology (e.g. environmental melancholia), artistic forms of expression (e.g. climate art) and literary communication methods (e.g. ecocriticism, climate fiction). Through various theoretical understandings and knowledge in psychology, philosophy, ethics, art history, literature and climate science, the discussion on how different ways of working in the area can contribute to an individual and societal climate transition is deepened. The various parts of the course bring together an experience-based, process-focused and creative learning with a reflexive, debating and knowledge-oriented learning, where art and science meet in a transdisciplinary and critical dialogue. Through project work the student develops, initiates and works with a practical in-depth study of one of the course areas.

Level: Undergraduate

Country: Sweden

Syllabus: Perspectives on Climate Change