Performing Ecologies

Institution: Griffith University

Instructor: Linda Hassall

Description: In this course students will critically examine the nature and purpose of creative work and performance from a number of intercultural ecological perspectives. Through an in-depth study of performance practitioners, and creative ‘texts’ students will explore the way meaning emerges through the relationship between the text, the artists, the audience and the ecological and cultural context in which the creative event occurs and for which it is made.Using a variety of artistic and theoretical sources as jumping off points, learning is centred on concepts relating to theoretical and creative and /or performative techniques and relationships that are influential to the development of performance studies and practice. Learning will also consider the philosophical, environmental and ecological events that influence innovative creative work that impact on contemporary cultures. Seminal innovators and innovations may include a variety of individuals, techniques and technical developments which have had extensive impact on the development of performance

Level: Undergraduate

Timing: Trimester 2 yearly, across two campuses.

Country: Australia

Syllabus: Performing Ecologies