Environmental Arts & Humanities

Institution: Oregon State University

Department: Environmental Arts and Humanities Initiative

Description: The M.A. degree in Environmental Arts and Humanities is designed for students with undergraduate degrees in the arts/humanities or the environmental/natural resource sciences and a deep interest in broadening their education to include arts/humanities-based perspectives and skills. In its foundation courses, the MA will provide students a reciprocal understanding of the working methods of environmental science and environmental arts/humanities. Then it invites students to focus on one of three areas: the environmental imagination (arts, communication, creative writing, moral imagination), empowered environmental action (community leadership, movement building, media power, cultural diversity, social justice, the history of structural change), or empowered environmental thinking (moral reasoning, critical thinking about environmental issues, conceptual analysis of complex problems, reasoning with facts and values). Students in the MA program will learn these skills in the context of work in a particular area of concern, work that will include courses, collaborative field experience, and the thesis.

Degrees Granted: MA

Level: Graduate

Country: United States

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