Greening Your Nonprofit Arts Organization

Institution: Arts Extension Service, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Instructor: Dee Boyle-Clapp

Description: The arts have always been on the forefront of change, and never has change been more required than today. Whether your organization needs to cut its facility costs, be first in line for donation dollars, or serve as a ‘green’ model for your community, this class is for you. Determine which changes are easy to institute, provide the greatest cost savings, reduce your carbon footprint, and build credibility with your audiences. This class concludes with the creation of a final plan tailored to the unique needs of your institution. All course work is applied to a case study organization, which may be your own organization or one where you volunteer.

Level: Both undergraduate and graduate

Timing: Taught every fall.

Country: United States

Syllabus: Greening Your Nonprofit Arts Organization

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