Environmental Management

Institution: University of New South Wales

Department: School of Humanities and Languages/Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Description: Today’s environmental leaders are called upon to understand and to tend to not only the ecological dimensions of environmental issues but also their social, cultural, and structural drivers and impacts. The Master’s program prepares our graduates to think in transformative ways and to become reflexive leaders, change-agents, and advocates at local and global scales. You will rigorously, critically, and creatively engage with sociocultural and political-economic causes of, and responses to, today’s human-inclusive environmental challenges. In addition to the program’s key focus on conceptual tools, you will have the opportunity to develop an array of experiential and practical tools to inform ethical and restorative sustainability leadership in professional and change-making contexts. The program is structured around a transdisciplinary integration and bridging of social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, creative arts, and participatory community and place-based approaches. The experience of moving among diverse knowledge systems empowers you to communicate complex ideas, to nurture personal and collective societal capacities to rethink and reshape the world, and to partner with others in reparative and regenerative ways. With its flexible format, the program is suitable for people from a wide range of disciplines, including both environmental specialists and newcomers, seeking to develop the expertise and courage needed in environmental and societal healing and flourishing.

Degrees Granted: Master’s Degree, Grad Certificate, Grad Diploma

Level: Graduate

Country: Australia

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