Environmental Literatures and Cultures: Climate Change Fiction

Institution: University of Idaho

Instructor: Erin James

Description: This section of ENGL 322: Environmental Literatures and Cultures explores the new genre of “climate change fiction,” or “cli fi.” In this course, we’ll read novels, short stories, and graphic novels to explore the various ways that creative writers are grappling with the difficult task of representing the unpredictable effects of climate change. Indeed, we’ll also explore whether there can be such a thing as “cli fi,” asking whether novels and short stories, with their emphasis on individual characters and lives, can accommodate the planetary thinking and geologic scales of time and space that climate change demands.

Country: United States

Syllabus: Environmental Literatures and Cultures

Listed on UC-CSU NXTerra‘s Climate Fiction page by Professor Nicole Seymour. UC-CSU NXTerra is a resource for college teachers from across all disciplines and anyone seeking to enhance their teaching and learning about the climate crisis, critical sustainability, and climate justice studies, both inside and outside the classroom.