Eco-Art: Art Created in Response to Environmental Crises

Institution: University of Washington, Tacoma

Instructor: Vaughn Bell

Description: How do contemporary artists engage with the natural and human environment? How are artists responding to environmental issues and crises? Where are the intersections of science and art and activism and art? How does one develop a creative approach to perceiving and interpreting ecology and environment? As we engage with these questions, we will experiment with different perceptual and conceptual approaches to art-making and develop aesthetic strategies to engage an audience in environmental concerns. We will examine our personal connections to the natural world, our local communities, and society as a whole. We will develop our own art practice to delve into our place in the environment, imagine alternatives and propose solutions.

Level: Undergraduate

Timing: Varies, once or twice per year.

Country: United States

Syllabus: Eco-Art: Art Created in Response to Environmental Crises