Creative Climate Communication

Institution: University of Colorado, Boulder

Instructor: Beth Osnes and Max Boykoff

Description: The objectives for this course are (1) to generate multimodal compositions on climate change (2) engage with various dimensions and issues associated with climate, environment and sustainability, and sustain hope and engaged climate action. We work to deepen our understanding of how issues associated with climate change are/can be communicated creatively, by analyzing previously created expressions from a variety of media and by creating our own work. Throughout the semester, we will appraise and extract effective methods and techniques for impactful creative climate communication. The chosen title of larger project – Inside the Greenhouse – acknowledges that, to varying degrees, we are all implicated in, part of, and responsible for greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. In the course we treat this ‘greenhouse’ as a living laboratory, an intentional place for growing new ideas and evaluating possibilities to work towards creative communication of climate solutions.

Level: Both undergraduate and graduate

Timing: Taught every spring

Country: United States

Syllabus: Creative Climate Communication