Creative Climate Communication

Institution: University of Trinidad and Tobago, The Academy for the Performing Arts

Instructor: Caitlyn Kamminga

Description: This course is designed to explore the science of climate change in the context of social and political constraints. It further explores the role of arts and culture in communicating climate impacts and forcing change. Students will gain knowledge of key atmospheric and ocean science principles along with the role of science and uncertainty in social change. By leveraging the arts as a catalyst for change, students will explore the effects of climate change on their communities, make connections between colonialism, industrialization, and current vulnerability to natural disasters, and express their knowledge through a performance project that takes inspiration from calypso and other carnival art forms as antecedents to social and political commentary. In a student-led, peer to peer approach beneficiaries will be given access to an online platform to perform their works and compete against each other for the opportunity to record their projects.

Level: Undergraduate

Timing: Semester 1

Country: Trinidad and Tobago