Climate Crisis — An International Perspective: Science, Art, and Activism

Institution: University of Washington

Instructor: Robert Pavia

Description: This course explores the science of climate change in the context of social and political constraints. It further explores the role of art and activism in communicating climate impacts and forcing change. Students gain knowledge of key atmospheric and ocean science principles along with the role of science and uncertainty in social change and apply them to the climate crisis in the context of Arctic nations and peoples.

The course uses climate science to explore how scientists, artists and musicians connect climate science to emotional engagement and activism. Climate change has social justice ramifications for communities and nations, as well as the scientists doing research. In studying climate change, students will develop skills for critically evaluating the popular portrayal of scientific concepts and their role in policy debates as a way to gain a deeper appreciation for the complexity of developing sustainable and just adaptations to the climate crisis.

Level: Undergraduate

Timing: Typically taught in Spring Quarter.

Country: United States

Syllabus: Climate Crisis — An International Perspective