Cli-Fi: Science and Stories

Institution: Holyoke Community College

Instructor: Elizabeth Trobaugh

Description: This course focuses on the science of climate change and the new genre of science fiction that has emerged in response. Using Cli-Fi (climate change fiction), this course explores the impact of climate change on the environment, organisms, civilization, and people. Using nonfiction sources, including The Thinking Person’s Guide to Climate Change, 2nd edition, by Robert Henson, and fiction, found in the anthology Loosed Upon the World, edited by Joseph Adams, we will practice close reading, critical thinking, literary analysis, academic writing, research, and the writing process. This course will introduce students to the basics of climate change science as we examine climate change impacts — environmental degradation, biodiversity and habitat loss, sea-level rise, erosion, extreme weather, drought, and breakdowns in infrastructure and civilization. We will explore the unique power of fiction (and the arts) to help people grapple with climate change.

Level: Undergraduate

Timing: Usually taught in the spring semester, will also be taught in fall 2020.

Country: United States

Syllabus: Cli-Fi: Science and Stories

Assignment Schedule

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