Arts and Ecology

Institution: Dartington Trust

Description: Rather than a discipline-specific siloed approach, the Arts and Ecology programme engages students in problem-based and place-based learning. Any artist who is attentive in engaging with place will not only research and reveal environmental crisis but will do so in a complex, integrated and subtle fashion; the resultant work will avoid stridency and dogma, but will nevertheless inform, challenge, inspire and disturb in ways that only the arts can.

The MFA Arts and Ecology program is designed for practitioners with an established practice, for artists working in any art form and for curators and producers. It aims to help these practitioners foster creative projects in the context of the climate crisis and the ecological, social, and ethical challenges we all face. The course takes a metadisciplinary approach and begins with the recognition that the world is alive and we can no longer act upon it as if it is inanimate.

Degrees Granted: MFA, MA, PGDIP, PGCERT

Level: Graduate

Country: United Kingdom

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