Arts Activism and the Climate Crisis: Theatrical Interventions

Institution: Eckerd College

Instructor: Antonia Krueger

Description: Scientists have made the warning clear: We have little time remaining to stop the worst effects of the climate crisis. What we collectively do now will define how well life on our planet can flourish in the future. Storytellers and other artists have now taken up the call to action. These artists aim to inspire people and policy makers to make the changes needed before it is too late. From short social media videos, to the five-minute plays of Climate Change Theatre Action, to Extinction Rebellion’s street performance works, these artistic interventions are short, pointed, and dramatic. Students in this course will learn of ways in which science, contemporary activism, and the arts are coming together to intervene on behalf of the planet. They will also have an opportunity to create their own climate-inspired theatrical interventions.

Level: Undergraduate

Timing: First-year Experience Course

Country: United States