Climate Fiction

Institution: Boston College Instructor: Min Hyoung Song Description: How can reading literature help sustain attention to climate change? If you’re taking this course, you probably already know something—maybe a lot of things—about climate change. You probably understand that it’s a “wicked” problem because there are no easy solutions and its dynamics are constantly shifting. It’s also wicked because there’s so much well-financed propaganda muddying discussion. And perhaps just as important, it’s wicked because, no matter how much you understand the problem and care about its consequences, it’s just plain difficult to keep thinking about it. I know for myself I can easily get overwhelmed and sad. This last area of concern is perhaps where literature can help the most, especially if reading literature is part of a larger practice of paying attention. This course seeks to use literature to develop strategies for sustaining attention to climate change as a phenomenon that affects our everyday lives. We will read novels, critical essays, journalism, and

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