What’s The Hang Up About Climate Change?

Warsaw walk out

Civil society organizations walk out of the Warsaw climate negotiations, November 21 2013
Photo: Adopt A Negotiator

A great article by Felicity Le Quesne was published this week in the online news provider The International. Titled “In-Depth: The Psychological and Social Roots of Climate Change Skepticism,” the article looks at people’s attitude towards climate change through a psychological, political and social lens, and makes the point that to be effective climate communication must go beyond the simple piling up of scientific evidence, and take into consideration the complexity of the human brain. This sounds to me like communicators have to know their audiences, and make sure they are addressing them in a way  that is both specific and appropriate. Which, I would then argue, is something  artists are particularly good at. So keep at it everyone. It may not always be immediately apparent, but what we are doing is helpful and has value.

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